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Cytomel is the synthetic form of T-3/L-triiodothyronine and was a commonly known trade or brand name among athletes. T-3/L-triiodothyronine is used as a form of thyroid hormone therapy mostly in Europe. Most bodybuilders favored this drug over synthetic forms of T-4/L-thyroxine due to its vastly superior activity level.An advantage of T-3/L-triiodothyronine administration over T-4/L-thyroxine was the lack of dependence upon the liver enzyme responsible for T-4/T-3 conversion. During diet restricted periods the liver naturally decreases the liver enzyme levels as a control measure to prevent metabolic rate induced starvation. Just as the liver increases production of this enzyme in response to elevated calorie intake it also reduces levels in response to decreased calorie intake. Remember that T-4 /L-thyroxine is only 20% as active as T-3/L-triiodothyronine.

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