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V-Med HGH 90% 100iu

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  • 10 x 10iu Ampules Freeze Dried Powder
  • 1 x Amplule 10ml Bacteriostatic Solution

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By returning our growth hormone level to where it was when we were young we can regenerate cells and fight the ageing process. Many celebs (Sylvester Stalone) has openly admitted to taking growth hormone and claimed that this was one of the contributing factors along with a healthy diet and training regime that kept them looking phenomenal at ages older than 60. This was unheard of 50 years ago when a man at the age of 60 was retired and old let alone making action movies and having a ripped toned physique. We must however emphasize that growth hormone alone will not give you the edge. It is only one of the components that have a synergistic effect when combining it with a training regime and a healthy diet.

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